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  • Dropping bikes

    Master Sgt. Joseph Kimbrell, a Combat Aviation Advisor with the 5th Special Operations Squadron, prepares to load a motorcycle onto a C-145A "Combat Coyote" for a training mission. The C-145A is capable of moving non-standard cargo into remote locations, usually inaccessible by larger, more traditional cargo aircraft.
  • Ops group selected as AFRC's gallant unit

    Recently, the 919th Special Operations Group was selected by Air Force Reserve Command as their nominee for an Air Force Gallant Unit citation.
  • Keeping warriors equipped

    Staff Sgt. Joshua Rix, 919th Special Operations Support Squadron, checks the fit of a night-vision-goggle-mounted helmet on an aircrew member at Duke Field, Fla. The Airmen in the Aircrew Flight Equipment section of 919th SOSS ensure all flight gear and training is current and up to date for the wing’s flying personnel. (U.S. Air Force
  • The Airmen of... Part 3

    Throughout 2016, 919th Special Operations Wing public affairs will highlight the Airmen of specific flights throughout the Reserve wing here.  There will be four installments in this series.Combat Aviation Advisors The 711th Special Operations Squadron is the only combat aviation advisory squadron in the Air Force Reserve Command.  Combined with an
  • Enlisted aircrew members make move to pilot seat

    From the backseat to the front and from stripes to bars and beyond.  That’s the dual Air Force path a few 919th Special Operations Wing officers took to achieve their life-long goal of flight. For former loadmasters, Lt. Col. Michael Black, Capts Kris Williams and Patrick Taylor, 919th Special Operations Group, each Airman’s path to the pilot seat
  • What it takes to be a quiet professional

    A small team of Airmen arrive at a foreign airfield as the sun peaks over the horizon. They have been flying for hours and fighting their internal clocks to stay awake. They are Air Commandos, Combat Aviation Advisors, and they are the quiet professionals. “We have to be strong, but silent,” explains Master Sgt. Richard Smith, senior enlisted
  • Home on the range: Security Forces team heads West for Reserve field training

    Under the big skies and rolling plains of the West, members of the 919th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron ate, slept, trained and lived for most of the month of August.More than 20 Airmen from the unit ventured Northwest to serve as the opposing force for other Reserve security forces units participating in a field training exercise. 
  • Total force: special ops squadrons blur active, reserve lines

    The Air Force's total force integration effort blurs the line between active-duty and Reserve Airmen, successfully blending two special operations squadrons as an example of a combined force.The active-duty 6th Special Operations Squadron and the reserve 711th Special Operations Squadron are partners.  They share a building, flightline, aircraft
  • Reservists begin training with new aircraft

    The 5th Special Operations Squadron added yet another airframe to its list of Air Force Special Operations Command aircraft they use to train aircrews.The squadron began C-146A Wolfhound formal training unit flights in December at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.  So far, the squadron has trained six pilots and four loadmasters."The C-146 mission