Yellow Ribbon Program

Welcome to the 919 SOW Air Force Reserve Command Yellow Ribbon Program

Helping maintain resiliency during all stages of deployment is paramount to the morale and welfare of our Airmen and families. The Air Force Reserve Yellow Ribbon Program is a series of events designed to provide members and families with essential resources prior to departure (pre-deployment), a level of stability and support while deployed (during deployment), and successful re-integration techniques after the deployment cycle ends (post deployment).  Please navigate around this page to register for events, find out when you are eligible to attend, who may attend with you and how to use Yellow Ribbon at home.

Participation process: 

Reservist called to active duty for a deployment
NEW POLICY: Accumulative 90 days or more during a 24 month period

Reservist returning home after completing duty
NEW POLICY: Accumulative 90 days or more during a 24 month period and separated from family at least 50% of the time

When you may attend:

- Up to 120 days before the start of orders

- May attend two post deployments events
- Must have been released from eligible orders (including leave) for at least 30 days
- New Policy: You now have 365 days after returning from deployment to attend two events!

Who can attend:

Member and two eligible guests

Eligible Guests Include:

- Spouse – must be registered in DEERS
Children – must be registered in DEERS and:
All children in DEERS count as one guest
Unmarried under age of 21 or,
Unmarried, under age of 23 and full-time student or,
Severely disabled 

Designated Individuals (DI)
DI is someone who does not meet the family member definition and is designated to attend the affairs of the reservist while he/she is deployed
Must be at least 18 years old 
   - Examples include:
Close Friend

Using Yellow Ribbon:

- Resource Providers' Handouts are available.
- Want to take Yellow Ribbon One Step Further at Home or Deployed?  You'll find 60 different Yellow Ribbon Interactive Multimedia Activities

To find out about upcoming events or for more information, call the wing's Yellow Ribbon representative at 850-883-6054 or email

 You can also visit the Air Force Reserve Command webpage to learn more.