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  • AFSOC in two words: Humble Competence

    As Dawna and I prepare to leave Air Force Special Operations Command, I’ve become a bit reflective as you might imagine given the number of years we’ve served in this command. All of this reflection, however, can be summed up with the following: AFSOC is the finest special operations aviation force in the world...and, it’s because of her people.
  • Vectoring right: What's the big deal?

    Did you get those emails, too?  You know; the ones telling you to complete something called a “DP.” I admit that the first year I saw those emails, I just passed them by. I didn’t know what a development plan was, I didn’t understand why it mattered to me, and I really didn’t have the time to worry about it … so I didn’t. A year later I started
  • Commander shares Memorial Day message

    As we enter into the Memorial Day weekend, I’d like to reflect on this day of remembrance for our fellow Americans who have fallen fighting for our nation. On Memorial Day, Americans will pause to honor the more than one million Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coastguardsmen who gave their lives to secure our freedoms and way of life.
  • Commander's holiday message

    To the Men and Women of Duke & Hurlburt FieldAs we finish this year and look forward to the next one, I want to let the Air Commandos, Citizen Airmen, civilians and families know how much I appreciate your outstanding contributions and commitment to what we do.The key message I want to share with you is what is happening at Duke & Hurlburt Field is
  • Commander's Labor Day message

    Citizen Air Commandos,As the country pays tribute to American workers during the Labor Day weekend, it’s important we also honor the contributions our workforce has made to the peace, prosperity and well being of our nation. For 70 years, American Airmen have been breaking barriers as members of the finest warfighting force on the planet. Citizen
  • Commander's Independence Day message

    Citizen Air Commandos,Two hundred forty-one years ago a group of 56 men who were committed to protecting freedom for the people of this country, took a bold step in laying the groundwork for our democracy. Today, more than 1,300 men and women in the 919th Special Operations Wing continue to put forth tirelesseffort to ensure that freedom is
  • CC suggestion box responses for June

    Here are the comments/suggestions and the commander's responses:CSSComment: CSS needs walk-in hours. The appointment requirement for all working hours is absurd for TR’s. I could not get an appointment until next month. While the waiting room is empty. Wing members need to be able to walk-in and get service. – Better customer service for wing
  • CC suggestion box responses for Feburary

    Questions and answers from the Wing CC
  • Commander's Thanksgiving message

    Fellow 919th SOW Members,The holidays are a special time to show our appreciation and gratitude for the many blessings bestowed upon us. This Thanksgiving Day, I ask that each of you keep in mind your brothers- and sisters-in-arms who are separated from their families due to deployment; not only from this wing but from all other military
  • CC suggestion box responses for July

    Here are the comments/suggestions and the commander’s responses:   a.  Base Appearance Comment:  The appearance of the base is poor- so much so I would be embarrassed to have visitors on this base.  Why isn’t mowing, weeding, and tree-trimming occurring on a regular basis? Response: The 796th CES (Eglin grounds maintenance) has had issues