Policies change for fully vaccinated

  • Published
  • By Ms. Nicole King
  • 919th Special Operations Wing
The updated Department of Defense policy on mask wear allows more flexibility for vaccinated individuals on situations where masks are required. The Eglin installation commander, Brig. Gen. Scott Cain, 96th Test Wing commander, revised Eglin’s mask-wear policy due to the new DoD guidance for vaccinated personnel issued on 13 May 2021.

The below guidance includes more specific information for 919th Special Operations Wing personnel.

What’s changed:
- Fully-vaccinated DoD personnel at least two weeks beyond their final vaccine dose, are no longer required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors on the installation with the exception of the base medical, dental and other facilities as determined by local guidance.
- Unvaccinated individuals will continue to mask and social distance in all circumstances.
- Unit commanders can designate areas and situations in which mask wear is still required.
- Unit commanders must approve military leave.

What’s staying the same:
- The installation remains at Health Protection Condition BRAVO.
- Official gatherings and events must comply with installation restrictions on group sizes and have appropriate clearance.
- Healthcare professionals will continue to comply with mask-wear guidance. Patients, visitors and all others entering base healthcare facilities will continue to wear masks while in these facilities to reduce transmission of COVID-19.
- Official gatherings off base must continue to follow CDC and installation guidance (whichever is more restrictive).
- DoD personnel must continue to follow CDC or Okaloosa County COVID-19 guidance (whichever is more restrictive) when traveling on leave, TDY and participating in social gatherings.
- CDC COVID safe practices are required for all DoD personnel even if visiting a location where masks and social distancing are not required
- All 919th SOW personnel must notify the 919th SOMDS Public Health office of any international travel.
- 919th SOW members experiencing COVID-like symptoms or who have tested positive for COVID-19 must notify the 919th Public Health Office, regardless of vaccination status.
- For official travel, an Exception to Policy letter is not required if traveling from one green state to another green state. However, restriction of movement and COVID testing requirements for overseas travel must follow the Foreign Clearance Guide. Contact your unit deployment manager for more information.

Fully-vaccinated personnel may continue to wear masks based on their level of comfort and safety.

Non-vaccinated personnel will continue to mask and social distance in all circumstances. Commanders and supervisors should not ask about an employee’s vaccination status or use vaccination status information to make decisions about how and when employees will report to a workplace instead of teleworking.

Commanders and supervisors may make more restrictive exceptions to the policy revision as necessary to ensure a safe workforce until updated force health protection guidance is issued. For up-to-date information on how the 919th SOW is responding to COVID-19, visit the 919th Special Operations Wing Facebook page, download the 919th SOW mobile app, or check out the “news” section at https://www.919sow.afrc.af.mil