Wing welcomes director of psychological health

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Daniella Pena-Pavao
  • 919th Special Operations Wing
For the first time ever, members of the 919th Special Operations Wing have a director of psychological health.

Cynthia Duffey, 919th SOW director of psychological health, is a licensed mental health counselor who supports Citizen Airmen by providing quality mental health services to each individual’s needs.

“My plan is to reach out to members at their units to learn what stressors they are facing at work or at home and use that information to [provide tools] that are effective in enriching their mental wellbeing,” said Duffey.

In addition to going out around the installation to meet wing members, Duffey provides short term solution counseling services to wing members at her office in the chapel.

“Short term solution focused counseling is just a fancy way of saying that I help people with regular everyday problems,” said Duffey. “I like to say I am like a walking self-help book and offer information and tools to Airmen who need help.”

Ultimately, Duffey’s end goal is to help Citizen Air Commandos achieve a maximum state of readiness.

“At the end of the day, I want to be able to provide mental health support to our Airmen and families,” said Duffey. “If your knee hurt, you’d go to a doctor, right? Well that’s how I want our members to feel about their mental health.”

Not only does she provide counseling to members around the wing she also plays a part of Duke’s Integrated Resiliency Optimization Network which consists of helping agencies that enable psychological, social, physical, and spiritual resiliency pillars.

“Aside from Ms. Duffey being highly qualified for this key position, it was her energy and passion for helping Airmen that stood out to me,” said Kelly Gwin, 919th SOW executive operations chief. “She clearly understands the importance of resiliency for our Airmen and their families, and she is the right person to support the unique challenges that come with the diverse mission sets here in the 919th Special Operations Wing.”

Members interested in services provided by the Director of Psychological Health can contact Cynthia Duffey at 850-882-1458.

To learn more about resiliency resources available at the 919th Special Operations Wing, follow the 919th SOW on Facebook and Instagram and download the 919th SOW app.