Eglin moves to HPCON Bravo

  • Published
  • By Samuel King Jr.

Brig. Gen. Scott Cain, the 96th Test Wing commander, directs Health Protection Condition Bravo effective Oct. 25.

As a result of the decreasing rate of new COVID-19 cases here and in the surrounding community over the past few weeks, the commander decided to make this change in accordance with his return to full capacity strategy.

“Although COVID-19 conditions are improving, our continued vigilance in combatting the spread of this virus is essential,” said the commander.  “Not only will strict adherence to these risk mitigation measures slow the spread of COVID-19, but, they are slowing the spread of the influenza virus this season.”

All mission essential/non-mission essential activities will resume and official business only restrictions are lifted.

All official ceremony/gathering attendees will comply with current Eglin AFB COVID-19 mitigation policies listed below.

Indoor fitness facilities and outdoor recreation continue, so long as public health risk mitigation measures are observed. In fact, on-base recreation activities are encouraged, in an effort to offer a safe environment on the installation for recreation.

Maximum use of telework to reduce the footprint is highly encouraged, but not mandatory for mission essential and non-mission essential tasks.

All personnel will continue to exercise diligence in personal hygiene and public health risk mitigation measures. These measures include:

a. Strict hygiene

b. Regular cleaning of workplace common areas

c. Indoor gatherings have no stated maximum number, but remain limited to the maximum capacity of a space providing six feet of physical distancing

d. Mask wear will continue in federal facilities

e. Physical distancing – maintaining at least a six-foot distance between people

f. Stay at home when experiencing symptoms or illness, notify your supervision, and contact your primary care manager