Duke Field launches New Year New Habits Challenge 2022

  • Published
  • By Nicole King
  • 919th Special Operations Wing

When thinking of New Year’s resolutions, images of packed gyms and fad diets might come to mind. Often by the end of January, those diets have gone to the wayside and fitness centers are back to normal business levels. Spiritual and mental health resolutions frequently aren’t a thought in anyone’s mind.

In order to focus on building healthy, sustainable habits for the New Year, the 919th Special Operations Wing Integrated Resiliency Optimization Network and Duke Field Preservation of the Force and Family members kicked off a New Year, New Habits competition during the January unit training assembly.

"Instead of new year, new you, which means you completely need to change and the old version of you that is bad and wipe the slate clean, this is New Year, New Habits,” said Trish Kellogg, Duke Field POTFF performance dietitian. “What habits can I create and sustain so I can become the version of myself that I want to be through physical, social and mental offerings.”

Kellogg came up with the idea for New Year New Habits at Duke Field and built the schedule of offerings. The challenge includes classes on stress management, self-care, meditation and nutrition as well as fitness courses at the Duke Dome. There is a book club and blood drive members can participate in as well.

“Rather than let people become too ambitious with their goals and just focus on the physical side of things, we came together as the entire resiliency team for POTFF to offer up classes for mental, physical, spiritual and social health so that it's more proactive and sustainable,” said Kellogg.

The challenge, which runs from Jan. 8 to Feb. 18, allows Duke Field and all 919th SOW Airmen to earn points for classes they attend. Every two weeks, the member with the most points for each squadron will be awarded a prize from their leadership. At the end of the competition, there will be prizes for first, second, and third place for the squadron with the highest participation by percentage of points to people.

“We are hoping we can gain a new audience with this competition and get new members to participate in this program,” said Jared Kist, POTFF Human Performance Advisor. “We constantly have people that don’t even realize we are here, so hopefully this will help increase awareness of our presence and the resources we can provide them”

To participate, Airmen need to print out the New Year New Habits Challenge calendar that was emailed to them and take it to events for a signature. There are also virtual options for reservists who do not work day to day at Duke Field.

 "As POTFF, we are ingrained to be more proactive rather than reactive and this allows us to take a holistic approach to being proactive to your health,” said Kellogg.

Many of the classes that are part of the challenge are not new, and will continue to take place after the challenge ends. Contact any IRON team member for more information or with questions related to the challenge or classes offered.