Duke Field Reservist example of multifunctional Airman

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Dylan Gentile
  • 919th Special Operations Wing

Whether it is swapping gunships for transport aircraft or training Citizen Air Commandos in entirely new mission sets, the 919th Special Operations Wing always adapts to the ever-changing operational needs of the Air Force Special Operations Command.

AFSOC’s current future relies on multifunctional Airmen who can deploy in small groups. The 919th SOW leads the way in this endeavor, with many Airmen merging skills from their civilian career to their military jobs. An Airman with the 919th Special Operations Security Forces Squadron, brings lessons from her role as a medical professional to the 919th SOSFS mission.

“I think my medical skills will make me very useful in a downrange environment,” said Staff Sgt. Arin Brown, 919th SOSFS defender. “For example, I can more easily identify what is happening with someone who may be in shock, delirious, or suffering from hypothermia or heat stroke.”

Brown works as a nurse for two hospitals in the local area. Her active duty experience as a defender drove her to the nursing profession. As a first responder, she was first to the scene of a medical incident many times. Her dedication to learn how patients were cared for provided the basic first aid knowledge necessary to make sure they were secured by paramedics.

“Brown is able to share those skills she has learned with us to others,” said Tech. Sgt. Gerard Bhagwatsingh, 919th SOSFS Bravo Flight 2nd in charge. “She provides us invaluable perspective and information during our regular tactical combat casualty care training sessions.”

While Brown isn’t the first defender from her squadron working in a medical profession. Many reservists who serve as a defender often seek out first responder positions in their civilian lives. Some of her colleagues with the 919th SOSFS work as police officers and combine those skill sets with their military training.

“Many of the certifications and the training I’ve completed for my role as a defender transfer into my job as a nurse and vice versa,” said Brown. “I’ve built skills outside of my specialty that could come in handy later.”

“Her skills as a defender could also be applied to her civilian role,” said Brown. “If there is a security incident within the hospital, she’s trained to handle it.”

 Alternatively, Brown was also trained to de-escalate situations, which helps with pacifying belligerent patients.

Brown continues to expand her knowledge as she works on her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Chamberlain University.

“It’s really great when we get together for drill because we’re able to meld our outside experience with our in-house training,” said Bhagwatsingh. “A lot of this knowledge from outside professions allows Airmen to shine and help resolve problems creatively.”

As units throughout the Reserve continue to adapt to the new defense environment with Air Force Specialty Code mergers and additional training, the 919th SOSFS highlights how Citizen Air Commandos bring an array of experience to the warfighter.

“Being a Citizen Air Commando has helped me to excel in high-stress and rapidly changing environments,” said Brown. “Transferring these skills across my military and civilian careers makes both of my jobs easier.”

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