Wing announces July promotions

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  • By Staff Reports
  • 919th Special Operations Wing


The following 919th Special Operations Wing enlisted Citizen Air Commandos were promoted in the month of July.

Master Sergeant

Bolmeyer, Kyle P

Justice, Jack L

Kalkstein, Trevor W

Laurel, Naya

Moran, Cecil C

Torres, Ramon L III

Watkins, David A

Technical Sergeant

Cherek, Shelly M

Esparza, Gina M

Knight, Tommy F

Matsushima, Keone Y

Patton, Gannon Q

Staff Sergeant

Massie, Jeffery S

McLaughlin, Alyssa

Munroe, Kevin P

Ramirez Quinones, Veronica

Silva, Sierra E

Vigilo, Vincent M

Senior Airman

Colunga, Andres

Love, Jacob D

Poole, Isaiah D

Woods, Bryce

Airman First Class

Deida, Charles D


Allen, Brett F

Baptiste, Tahniya T

Jordan, Candice G