Suggestion box program goes digital

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Dylan Gentile
  • 919th Special Operations Wing
Citizen Air Commandos who have noticed gray suggestion boxes located throughout Duke Field to share concerns, suggestions, or recommendations for the 919th Special Operations Wing can provide that feedback in a much easier manner thanks to one Airman.
“I hope to revitalize the suggestion box program,” said Maj. Jan Suttlemyre, Inspector General complaints resolution and investigation program manager. “I’ve added a new QR code feature in addition to physical boxes around base,”
The QR code takes Airmen to a Google form where they can submit their input. Alternatively, Airmen can also go to the 919th SOW app. In the app, a logo resembling the colonel insignia links members to the submission box.

“We’re always looking for ways to simplify functions throughout the wing,” said Col. Jason Grandy, 919th Special Operations Wing commander. “Feedback from those with boots on the ground is a key component to how we improve business practices and enhance unit morale.”
Currently, the physical suggestion boxes can be found at the dining facility, the fitness center, the 919th Special Operations Communications Squadron break room, and the 919th Special Operations Force Support Squadron customer service area.

“I think Citizen Air Commandos will be more forthcoming with inputs if they can see the commander acts on inputs within his authority,” said Suttlemyre. “I review suggestions input through the 919 SOW app each month and staff them for action.”
Officials from the 919th SOW are always looking for more ways to make the unit more resilient, ready, and effective.
“Your idea could be the one to change the entire Air Force,” said Grandy. “If you have one, just know I’ll have eyes on it and am eager to consider the positive impact it could have for the wing.”