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  • Vectoring right: What's the big deal?

    Did you get those emails, too?  You know; the ones telling you to complete something called a “DP.” I admit that the first year I saw those emails, I just passed them by. I didn’t know what a development plan was, I didn’t understand why it mattered to me, and I really didn’t have the time to worry about it … so I didn’t. A year later I started
  • Commander's Thanksgiving message

    Fellow 919th SOW Members,The holidays are a special time to show our appreciation and gratitude for the many blessings bestowed upon us. This Thanksgiving Day, I ask that each of you keep in mind your brothers- and sisters-in-arms who are separated from their families due to deployment; not only from this wing but from all other military
  • What we are really trying to accomplish with new Air Force inspection system

    As my wing prepares for their first Capstone event, I want to ensure leadership down through the lowest ranking Airman understands the intent of the program.  The program is not about completing communicators in the management internal control tool program to satisfy major command or inspector general inspectors.  The program is not about closing